Inspiring CHANGE

Integra Groupe consists of a like-minded cross-functional team that is passionate about leaving the world a better place.  Through our funds, we seek to support and invest in entrepreneurs who are changing the world. 


Managing Partner

Alfredo I. Vargas S.

Alfredo’s professional experience is mainly focused on corporate law, finance and management, from M&A activity to retail banking, energy, real estate and capital markets, giving him a broad capacity an expertise on these areas. 

He is experienced in business development, corporate turnarounds, strategic and financial planning, corporate governance and project management.  He has an extensive network across different industries and countries.  

Alfredo is the founder and managing partner of Integra Groupe, a private equity firm specialized on investments in Latin America and committed to bring economic dynamism to the region. He is also founding partner of Reaction, a global VC Firm focused on creating exponential change through innovations. 

He graduated with honors from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) in Caracas, Venezuela with a Law Degree. He is a Vanderbilt and Vogelstein Scholar from New York University (NYU) where he obtained his Master´s Degree in Corporate Law and the Advance Professional Certificate in Law and Business from the Stern School of Business. He is also an Alumni from the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB). Recently, he complemented his working experience on Private Equity investments with executive training at Harvard Business School.

Managing Partner


Francesca’s professional experience is mainly focused on investment management, investment strategy, capital markets and global business development for leading financial firms.  

Francesca was an executive at the Northern Trust, a global asset manager, with over $1 trillion in assets under management.  At Northern she was responsible for investments, distribution, advisory and expansion of the international funds business.       

She worked across both the Asset Management and Wealth Management businesses to drive commercial synergies and maximize revenues.  Prior to Northern, Francesca worked as head of French-speaking Europe and in the Americas for the Deutsche Börse Group-STOXX responsible for developing investment strategies and driving distribution into some of the world’s largest institutional clients.  Her experience in Latin America began when she joined Marco Polo Partners, a boutique investment bank, where she was responsible for business development across local financial institutions and exchanges in over 50 countries.  She began her career at Merrill Lynch in the investment banking and capital markets division in New York working with the US equities team before moving into emerging markets.  Francesca has lived and worked in numerous countries providing her with a robust global network.

She is an alumnus of Bowdoin College and Stanford Graduate School of Business. Francesca has complemented her working and academic experience with executive education in private equity and venture capital at Harvard Business School and public policy at Harvard Kennedy School. Francesca is a member of Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs), a member of the Americas Society YPA, she is on the champions board of the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies, a mentor and judge for the Mass Challenge global accelerator and on the Global Panel of MIT Technology Review.  Francesca is also a competitive athlete and formerly a nationally ranked college sailor and ice hockey player.