As Latin America, the new startup continent, is experiencing a massive digital revolution Integra noticed a market gap in implementing a quantifiable ESG metric for early-stage companies. The mission to bring ESG framework was driven by in-bound investors and founder requests given its potential of mitigating risk, maximizing a risk-aware growth/return profile and positioning visionary solutions for sustainable scalability.

Cloud computing, the Internet of Things and enhanced data analytics, are helping to change the way we work and live, from adding robots to factory floors to managing our finances exclusively through digital platforms. These trends have become so fundamental to the economy that they are reshaping not only our day-to-day lives, but how we think about investing and sustainability.  Imagine the potential if today we can help tomorrow’s tech-enabled leaders better align Environmental, Social and Governance considerations as they build the companies of the future.

Integra Groupe is taking the lead in working with inspiring founders introducing approachable and realistic ESG from the start so founders are prepared for sustainable growth, best-practices and differentiating themselves from the pack providing institutional investors with the trust that comes from transparency.

In the following deck Eduardo Atehortua (Head of Latam ex-Brasil for PRI), Alfredo Vargas and Francesca Whalen (Integra Groupe Managing Partners) will have a conversation suitable for both founders and sophisticated investors about the importance of ESG and how it is shaping the future of Latin America.

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