2021 Bringing dynamism to Latin America

The world is facing a defining moment. The impact of COVID-19 swiftly moved from health emergency to economic crisis to populations quickly adapting to living and transacting in a stop-start economy. Moving beyond the headlines and GDP statistics the speakers will highlight structural trends that have been revealed as a consequence of the pandemic’s impact. […]

Let’s start with Energy

Many investors are familiar with the incredible natural resource wealth that is extracted throughout Latin America. Less known however is the amount of primary energy coming from renewables, which represents more than a quarter of power generation and represents 200% of the global average. The most important renewable power source, hydroelectric generation, is increasingly vulnerable […]

Latin America and the push towards transformation

Empirical research supports the potential for higher risk-adjusted returns and dampened volatility for companies that embed ESG criteria and this in turn encourages institutional investing. In fact, by augmenting Integra’s traditional financial analysis with non-financial metrics such as ESG our investment teams and portfolio companies have the potential to lower tail risk as well as systematic […]

How Leveraging ESG Metrics Has the Potential to Mitigate Risk and Enhance Investment Performance

The pandemic is creating an opportunity for transformation in numerous areas — and the financial system can play a critical role, specifically through investments that consider environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors. Tune in to discover how Integra Groupe, a top emerging manager, is providing global investors access to deep-value, resilient and impact investments […]

Looking Beyond GDP for Deep-Value Opportunities in Latin America

While the world is still trying to understand and process the COVID-19 shock, compelling opportunities have not ceased to exist and emerge in Latin America. Our job as investors is to create the certainty that our stakeholders need to move forward to recover from difficulties and to thrive into a challenging but promising future. In […]

Our takeaways from Dominican Republic elections

One of Latin America’s best performing economies, The Dominican Republic, voted for change this past weekend with Luis Abinader, ending a 16-year old on the presidency by a center-left party in the Caribbean nation. Integra Groupe’s local team reports the highlights and outlook. Read more

Venezuela: Billions of barrels to spare but not a drop to pump

Investors often ask us “How is Venezuela, a country with 300 billion barrels of oil reserves, poor?” Lack of petrol and recent price hikes are adding further challenges to a complicated scenario in the country. Integra Groupe’s June Q&A walks you through the common queries and numbers. Read more

Brazil: Big drawdowns, bigger opportunities

Prior to the arrival of COVID-19 and an external oil shock, the Brazilian economy was  already struggling. However, the Bolsonaro administration and Finance Minister Paulo Guedes were  registering big wins in  their mission to cut bureaucracy and liberalize the economy. In this paper we present a broad overview of the many factors currently contributing to […]