Integra Five July 1st, 2022

Integra Five LATAM Dispatch July 1st, 2022 Which Latin American Cities are the Strongest Seedbeds for Startups? In 2021 venture capital investment in startups in Latin American for around $15.7 billion. This record figure surpassed the amount invested in the previous decade, however this year startups are facing more adverse conditions. There is greater difficulty […]

Integra Five June 24, 2022

Integra Five LATAM Dispatch June 24, 2022 Here’s how female entrepreneurs are helping farmers feed Latin America The World Economic Forum reports on how female entrepreneurs are helping feed farmers in Brazil. As the cost-of-living crisis is being felt globally, the state of the post pandemic economy recovery, coupled with climate change impacts and supply […]

Integra Five June 17, 2022

Integra Five LATAM Dispatch June 17, 2022 “Google US$ 1,2B commitment to Latin America comes at crucial moment for the region. Building the digital infrastructure is esencial for the development of the tech industry and the rise of the companies of the future” Integra Groupe, Integra Groupe The key to boosting economic recovery in Latin […]

Integra Five June 10, 2022

Integra Five LATAM Dispatch June 10, 2022 “We are proud of the momentum Kurios is experiencing. It is a great example of how amazing founders are creating enterprise SaaS solutions with massive commercial and social impact.” Integra Groupe, Integra Groupe Kurios’ cohort-based learning platform is upskilling thousands in Latin America helping to overcome the middle-income […]

Integra Five June 3, 2022

Integra Five LATAM Dispatch June 3, 2022 At Integra we view the drawdown in fintech valuations as a reset and not a “wipe out.” High quality and resilient companies are prepared for volatility by driving operational efficiencies simultaneously investing to thrive on the day after. There is a huge opportunity to scale to multiproduct offerings […]

Integra Five May 27th, 2022

Integra Five LATAM Dispatch May 27th, 2022 “While the Latin American tech ecosystem is not exempt from exposure to adjustments in global markets, we have seen the resiliency of local investors and operators in weathering macro and micro risks throughout the past decades. Talent concentration, maturity of local established managers, the proliferation of emerging GPs […]

Integra Five May 20, 2022

Integra Five LATAM Dispatch May 20th, 2022 “The current mean reversion is changing the strategy of several late-stage unicorn and growth companies in Latin America. We believe scarcity of capital and challenges around profitability will force some growth players into consolidation. This will present disciplined investors with very attractive opportunities making the next few years, […]

Integra Five May 13, 2022

Integra Five LATAM Dispatch May 13th, 2022 “Valuing companies at 30-100x revenue was never sustainable. At some point, the market was going to correct., We view the current pullback as impacting growth-equity whilst causing less dislocation in the pre and seed markets. , The younger the startup the further from IPO which makes “must have” […]

Integra Five May 6, 2022

Why Fintechs Supporting SMBs Are Crucial To The LatAm Economy There has been tremendous growth in the LatAm fintech market since investment in Nubank seven years ago. The market continues to introduce interesting solutions, but one subset with continued focus is small businesses. Startups are at the epicentre of the innovation of more than 10 […]

Integra Five April 29, 2022

Crypto in South America: A Map of the Region’s Regulatory Landscape The regulatory framework around crypto across Latin America varies from full adoption to rejection and prohibition. Argentina has had initiative to regulate crypto, but no significant progress has been made. New controls are expected in line with the requests of the International Monetary Fund […]